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vegetative adj
1 of or relating to an activity that is passive and monotonous; "a dull vegetative lifestyle" [syn: vegetive]
2 used of involuntary bodily functions; "vegetative functions such as digestion or growth or circulation"
3 (of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes [syn: vegetal]
4 composed of vegetation or plants; "regions rich in vegetal products"; "vegetational cover"; "the decaying vegetative layer covering a forest floor" [syn: vegetal, vegetational]

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  1. Of, or relating to plants; especially to their growth.
  2. Of, or relating to functions such as growth, nutrition and asexual reproduction rather than sexual reproduction.
  3. Physically inactive.
  4. Of a state of impaired brain function, where a person can respond to some stimuli but is incapable of voluntary acts.



  1. Feminine plural form of vegetativo

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